How to Interview an Architect

Architects are flexible and can work in any number of styles, shapes, styles or cities.  That is part of the practice of architecture.  The challenge is finding the right design for you and your home.  The best way to start is to define your Goals and Ideas so that you can define both the design problem you are trying to solve and the needs or goals you want to meet.   New Avenue provides a list of “Goals and Ideas” that you can fill out to start your “Program Development”.  This will guide your discussion.
When meeting with the architect, try walking through these questions:
– Ask for his or her ideas about your project
– Ask what the biggest challenges for this job will be
-Get a feel for how receptive he or she is to your ideas
Find out how involved he would be as the building progresses 
-Confirm what is included in the fee.  Are the following included:
  • Permit forms
  • Responding to city “plan check comments”
  • Recruiting sub-consultants such as engineers and surveyors
  • Reviewing contractor bids
  • Reviewing contractor bills
  • Approving/denying contractor change orders
  • Picking out finishes: Flooring, tile, paint colors, cabinets, counters etc..
-Confirm who will actually do the designing
– Ask for clarification about anything you don’t understand
– Ask if they can provide three dimensional drawings
– You’d want to see previous work
– Talk to clients 
Anyone who is part of New Avenue has the skills to get the job done.   So this is mostly about your feelings about who you want to work with. Ideally like him or her very much and when you are talking it becomes quickly obvious that you are on the same page. 
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