How to hire an architect & what to expect in your first design session/meeting

Unless you are a Rockefeller you probably didn’t grow up watching your family hire architects.

The best way to start any major project of approximately $50,000 or more is to talk to an architect.  Architects have the ability to solve design and permitting challenges, they have the talent to create something beautiful, and they can be your trusted ally throughout the project.

But what is the first step to hiring an Architect?

At New Avenue we make it easy to get started.  We provide a free Goals & Ideas form that asks you the right questions to get you thinking about the what you want to do.  Then all of our projects start with a free call to review your goals and introduce the best architect from our stable of vetted architects.  If you choose to have a Design Session in your home, we will introduce one of architect who is a vetted partner in our network.

The Goals & Ideas questionnaire is based on 25+ years of experience and lessons from hundreds of projects we managed in the past few years.  Our questionnaire may remind you of just one thing that you want to incorporate in your design and that alone can save you a major headache and thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars during construction.

This is because realizing important design elements during construction is expensive!

When a New Avenue pro comes to work for you they will prepare beforehand, typically for 3-5 hours.  They will discuss the following:

  • Goals and Ideas: Homeowner’s answers to the online questionnaire.
  • Design ideas: Homeowner and architect’s ideas saved to the Project Page.
  • Roadmap: The 300 design/build steps in the project Roadmap.
  • Permit risks: Preliminary discussion of the permitting process.
  • Design Proposal: A detailed line item proposal will be posted to the Project Page after your meeting.

    Most importantly, they will show up ready to work, not to sell.  They will start talking to you about your program and they will create a lot of value in this first meeting. 

    We charge $250 for this Design Session.

You can use New Avenue with one of our partner architects and you can add any architect that you find on your own. That’s the beauty of a free software platform!

After your Design Session, the architect will provide a detailed proposal that is broken down by line item.  You can accept this to hire that architect or you can use this as a format to compare to other proposals.  You’re not obligated to continue with New Avenue or the architect you met. Of course, we hope you do, and we’re eager to address any questions you may have.

The deliverables for the initial Design Session are spelled out in our Design Agreement. You can read that here, or Get Started and use it for free on New Avenue.

Have any questions? We are available to discuss your goals & ideas. There’s no fee or commitment. To request a time for a call, just click here and tell us when to call you.