Restorations and Remodels

Restorations and remodels are major projects that upgrade or reinvent an entire home.

At New Avenue we have completed all types of remodels. Here are a few common types

“Gut jobs” that remove almost everything but the exterior walls.  The project shown below included 7+ dumpster loads of plumbing, plaster, floors, electrical, heating, kitchen cabinets, entire bathrooms… if you can see it inside a home we removed it.  Much of what goes away is asbestos and lead too.  By the end of the project you have an entirely new inside while the exterior hasn’t changed a bit.

In this picture you can see a few bits of old roof that were saved while new roof rafters, a steel frame, new plywood floors were added.  90% of this home was brand new after this extensive remodel.

New Roof

Historic Restorations: 

The 95 year old craftsman home shown below was neglected by a lawyer and absentee landlord who was too busy with social engagements to maintain the home.  Dryrot (which is really just a mushroom) consumed much of the wood floor and termites helped that out too.  Lifting this historic home, removing the old floor, reinforcing the foundation and rebuilding almost everything below the floor cost just over $300,000.

This south side of this historic craftsman shingled home looked decent but water problems on the north side were so bad that the home started to collapse.

The southside

Water and dry rot destroyed the north walls. Water Damage Rebuilding required an entirely new wall from the foundation up. This was all done while maintaining much of the interior.  Yellow Densglass fireproofing and new shingles were the finishing touches.  Reframe Fireproof Reshingle

The beautiful victorian below was converted to a two story rental property and while maintained to be structurally sound it was abused with decades of dirt and grime and wear and tear on everything that you see.  We added new kitchens, baths, windows, insulation and then finishes such as floors, tile, doors, wood trim, faucets and fixtures.

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 12.17.46 PM

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