What is an Accessory Dwelling or ADU?

An accessory dwelling is any space that you create that has a kitchen, sleeping area and bathroom that is secondary to your main home.   The accessory dwelling is a house or apartment and has all of the comforts, rooms and amenities you would expect in a big custom home.  It just happens to be the second home on your lot.

It can be a detached backyard cottage, a remodeled part of your main home such as a bedroom, lower floor, or attic.  They can be additions to your home too.

Accessory dwellings tend to range from studios that are 250 square feet up, one bedrooms that are about 450 square feet and two bedrooms that are 650-750 square feet.

The price ranges from $20,000 to convert a room, to $400,000 for a two bedroom detached cottage.

SB 1069 in California gave every homeowner the right to build one of these. Many cities and states across the country allow these to be built.

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