What is an income property? Big apartments, small houses and everything in between!

You can invest in a broad range of income properties and if you are planning to rent them out and collect passive income, then you are in the income property business.

At New Avenue we have managed, designed or built all ranges of income properties.

One client hired us to design one or two more apartments to their 10 unit apartment building.  In this case we added the apartments in the lower floor by converting storage and parking spaces.

Multifamily Apartment

A second client hired us to remodel a tiny 100 square foot living space on the roof of an apartment building and turn it into a larger apartment with views of the city.

A large developer hired one of our partner architects to design and build a 30 unit apartment building for an approximate budget of $12,000,000.

Multifamily Apartment Building

We have small time owners who buy single family properties to manage and rent out.

Lastly, some owners add accessory dwellings to their home to rent out. A small cottage like this has paid for itself in 5 years and earns over $35,000 per year in many cities and suburbs.

Backyard Cottage
Berkeley walkway

No matter where you fall between a $20,000 room renovation and a $10 million building, if you’re creating housing in our cities then you are making an investment that should be both a good investment for you and a benefit for our community.

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