Kathryn and Allan’s Kitchen and Bath and More

Kathryn and Allan are a young couple in Piedmont, California.  They just purchased a home that had decades old finishes.  With a baby on the way they needed a nursery, updated bathrooms and a new open kitchen.

Kathryn is the founder of KJM Interiors where she manages interior design projects.  As a designer, all the design credit goes to Kathryn of course!

New Avenue introduced one of our vetted local contractors who managed all of the construction.

Kathryn notes that they hired two contractors and she didn’t realize how great the structure and process of New Avenue was until they had to manage the other contractor who randomly submitted $20,000 invoices with no justification!

With New Avenue, we told them what we were going to do, what it would cost and we did it.  That sounds simple, and simplicity is a beautiful thing.

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