Cost of a 310 square foot guest house in Berkeley, CA

The cost of a recently completed super small guest house in Berkeley, CA was $130,695.  The full costs are detailed in the line item budget here.

A summary of the costs are:

$1,200: Survey

$3,312: Planning (Zoning) permits

$3,650: Structural Engineering

$550: Energy efficiency report

$2,830: Building permit

$563: Mechanical, electrical and plumbing permit

$20,854: Hourly architecture fees

$97,736: Construction Costs ($315 per square foot)

Here is a summary of the plans:

Berkeley Front 235 Square Feet Berkeley Side - 235 Square Foot Guest House Berkeley Back - 235 Square Foot Guest House Berkeley Floor Plan - 235 Square Foot Floor +75 Loft Berkeley Floor Plan - 75 square foot loft

The full line item budget is here: budget 310 square foot detached cottage

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