Top 3 Challenges in Remodeling or Building New: Knowledge, People and Clarity

There are three key problems facing every owner who is remodeling an old home or building a new one: Knowledge, People, and Clarity.

It is really time consuming to navigate all three challenges.  New Avenue has a unique way to automatically solve all three problems so you can have a delightful experience as we work with you to create a beautiful addition, remodel, or home.

New Avenue applied insights from thousands of projects and interviews to to build a project management system that makes it easier for you, your architect and your contractor to work together happily.

Here are the problems and how we solve them:

Problem #1 – Knowledge:  The architecture and construction industry does not share accurate or comprehensive pricing.  It’s partly cultural as people don’t want to give away their knowledge for free.  It’s mostly a practical problem, as it is really hard (or impossible) to provide a price for something that you are about to design. No one can determine what something will cost when you don’t even know what “it” is yet.  This is why your best bet used to be “Expect your contractor to take twice as long and cost twice as much”.

Our Solution:  First, some perspective can help.  Creating a new home is really really hard.  It is a bit like raising a child, there is a good chance you’ll do this once, maybe twice.  And you have no idea what’s about to happen:)

Realistic expectations are critical.  We have learned that an independent architect or contractor should only know the cost of their personal part of a project. They are not responsible for knowing what everyone else is charging you and they can’t tell you what to expect as a result.

To learn about what you should expect, New Avenue shares our data from completed projects. You can’t get this quality information anywhere else.

Problem #2 – People: It’s hard to find a good architect or contractor. Then you have to figure out how to interview them and if they are right for you.  This takes so much time, and it’s not even effective. Worst of all, good people can still lose each other’s trust during the job and great people can end up at each other’s throats!

Our Solution – People You Can Trust:  New Avenue interviewed thousands of architects and contractors, recruited the best and we work with them to continuously improve our service.  We work with our network repeatedly so their incentive is to maximize your happiness and not to maximize how much they can increase the costs of your project.

Problem #3 – Clarity: Don’t have years of experience managing architects and contractors?  That’s ok. Nobody does.  Don’t have the time to find, interview, hire, manage and pay them. If you had that kind of time, you might as well DIY.

When interviewing, talking design or making construction decisions you are basically trying to assess what someone else is thinking, and measure the quality of a design (which is subjective) and that design hasn’t been created yet (i.e., designed).  Oh my.  Good luck!

Our Solution – A Better Way to Communicate: Our Owner Toolbox makes it easy for you to find, interview, hire, manage and pay your architect and contractor. This system is free to use. It brings clarity to your project, from start to finish.  Our system makes it easy for an architect or contractor to tell you what they are going to do, tell you what it will cost and show you that they are doing it for the cost they quoted.

This clarity reduces confusion, stress and mistakes – and saves our owners 10% or more.  Get a competing bid, and we’ll prove it!

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