Speed, Quality or Money: Be Wary of Fast Growing Websites That Are Overrun by Shady Contractors

NBC just investigated a contractor matching service and found that 60% of the contractors providing bids are unlicensed. Many ripped off clients by running away with the deposit money or not completing the work.  At New Avenue we are not surprised. We built a project management system the eliminates the risk of these scams happening.  Then we recruited a network of architects and builders who we can trust. We work with our partners for years to create efficient processes and verify that the trust we put in our architects and contractors is well placed.

Matchmaking sites don’t help with the significant risks of quality, licensing and payments.  New Avenue protects owners from all three of those risks.  The nightmares and theft noted in this piece by NBC won’t happen on New Avenue.

These three lessons are critical to remember:

  1. If you focus on speed you sacrifice quality
  2. If you focus on large numbers of vendors you lose the personal standards of licensing, insurance, and integrity.
  3. If you focus on just matching people you overlook managing the project and managing payments and people get ripped off.

New Avenue makes all three of these risks go away.  We replace them with a quality experience, proven contractors we’ve learned to trust over years, and a payment processing platform that makes sure you only pay for the work after it is done.


The reporters sum it up well.  Take your time, check their license and by law contractors can only charge up to $1,000 or 10% of the total job up front. The rest is paid as the work is completed.

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