Restoration & Remodel of a Historic Home in Alameda

Fireplace - Craftsman Tile

Nick, Laine and their twin boys had outgrown their condo in San Francisco and need space and a lawn to play.

They bought a 4,800 square foot 3 bedroom, 4 bathroom, 110 year old home that is 110 years old. The home needed extensive work as it had been decades since it was last remodeled. They focused on sustainable products and maintaining original details such as the redwood found throughout the home while completely modernizing all the systems such as seismic, electrical, and plumbing.

They made a massive increase in the usable space in the home by converting the attic to over 800 square feet of office space with a side for Nick and a side for Laine and an amazing roof window.

The project started in March of 2015 and finished spring of 2017.  The design, permitting and remodel was an even two years. Half of the time was invested in permitting.

The work was intense. A steel frame was inserted from the basement to the top of the roof and everything in between was dismantled and restored and replaced, or built new.

Professional photographs are coming soon.  For now, we have our talented clients Instagram photos:)


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You can see the before photos here: