Standing Room Only at the Ashby Village Accessory Dwelling Workshop

Joanne Sullivan, a  founding member of the Ashby Village organized a workshop on accessory dwellings.  The event drew over 100 members of the Ashby Village who are all interested in creating a way to remodel or add-on to their home to create a new affordable apartment or cottage that they can share with family, friends or an affordable tenant.

One member of the audience immediately signed up to start a design project specifically because she has worked in social work her whole life and she wants to

Another member is looking to downsize to a backyard cottage so her children can afford to move back to Berkeley from out of state. There’s no way her children can afford to live her without pooling their resources with their parents.

Another member of the audience works for the UC Berkeley retirement association – a group that organizes 10,000+ UC retirees.

This is what a grassroots movement looks like. We suspect this is what the future of housing looks like and these are the people who will define the future.

Ashby ADU meeting_27 Ashby ADU meeting_25 Ashby ADU meeting_21 Ashby ADU meeting_13 Ashby ADU meeting_6 Ashby ADU meeting_8

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