Reinventing a bungalow into a new modern home in El Cerrito, CA

After - Exterior BestOur clients saw the potential to reinvent their small 1940s bungalow in El Cerrito in a way that would support their work-from-home lifestyle. They wanted a modern, fresh approach to their day-to-day life with side-by-side, private work spaces, and the ability to open or close the connection between the two large offices. The home renovation and addition accommodates their spiritual interests as well with a room solely dedicated to meditation, yoga and tai chi. The creation of a small library near the entrance of the home provides a warm environment for research and leisure reading for this dynamic and creative couple.


AfterStreet View The photo above shows the new house next to what used to be it’s mirror image. In order to achieve all the clients’ requests, we kept portions of two sides of the original house and wedged a new, modern, 2-story addition in the middle while also extending the home to the rear. This allowed for a spacious master bedroom suite on the first floor, complete with a wet room and Japanese soaking tub. Integral color cement plaster, natural wood and clear anodized aluminum create an authentic, rich, textural experience. The home offers lots of natural light, high wood ceilings, and a fun indoor/outdoor living experience that maximizes the use of the existing yard. The clients love their new home and hope that the design will raise the aesthetic bar for the neighborhood.