Tuesday, December 18 2018 / Published in Accessory Dwelling, Costs
Rob needed a backyard cottage for his parents to stay in when they came to visit him in Berkeley, so he used New Avenue’s system to manage the project and connect with a contractor. To make room for the cottage, the detached garage behind the main home was demolished.  Building an accessory dwelling unit (ADU)
Saturday, December 15 2018 / Published in Informational
One San Francisco family recently came to New Avenue for a major remodel of their three-story home. With two growing children, the family needed to add more closet space and an additional bathtub. They also wanted to update their home by making better use of the space and upgrading the fixtures throughout the second and
Friday, December 14 2018 / Published in Informational
Karla and Martin wanted to increase the space in their existing home, bringing the total number of bedrooms in their San Mateo house to four.  Their New Avenue partner designer created an addition that would include a spacious master suite and a new family room. A dining area was also included in the design. The
Friday, December 14 2018 / Published in Accessory Dwelling, Costs, Informational
When Toni and Jessica needed a comfortable, nearby place for their aging mother, they decided to build one for her in their backyard. It’s a smart decision; they would be able to care for their mom and give her the independence and private space she deserved.  Since they were converting their garage, Toni and Jessica
Friday, December 14 2018 / Published in Informational
A family in Livermore approached New Avenue with the goal of adding an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) to their existing property. They wanted a one-room, one-bath living space for the owner’s parents. With an eye toward efficiency, they opted for an open studio that could do double duty as a living area and sleeping quarters.