Tuesday, April 19 2016 / Published in Informational
Step 1: Owners fill out a Goals & Ideas questionnaire.  These questions are based on our experience with thousands of clients and designers. Step 2: Owners and a New Avenue project manager have a call to discuss the goals & ideas and the New Avenue process. Step 3: Owners can sign up for a flet
Thursday, April 14 2016 / Published in Informational
This article is part of a series of posts on real project costs.  New Avenue is the leading national design/build network.  Our designer and contractor partners use our online platform to provided their bids and process their invoices.  As such we get a unique collection of project costs.  We share these costs to help inform
Thursday, April 07 2016 / Published in Costs, Uncategorized
We are currently completing a major basement remodel plus an addition in the Outer Sunset in San Francisco.  This project started off as an accessory dwelling but became an added space for the family.  This is 330 square feet of remodeled existing ground floor/basement space and an additional 330 square feet of remodeled garage space
Monday, March 07 2016 / Published in Accessory Dwelling, Costs, Uncategorized
We recently completed a detached 500 square foot one bedroom guest house in Mountain View, CA.  This project started off as an accessory dwelling with a full kitchen but permitting problems drove us to create a little cottage with a bathroom but no kitchen. A kitchen will easily fit in the corner in the near future,
Friday, February 19 2016 / Published in Process, Uncategorized
We consider it part of our job at New Avenue to share crucial information with everyone — customers, designers, and contractors alike. To that end, we share the knowledge we’ve collected from the 10,000+ projects and over 500 builders and tradespeople that have used our project-management platform. Construction is hard. That’s just a fact of